Don’t be afraid to knock the door as hard as possible. If you want to succeed you cannot be timid, or fearful. You might have been disappointed at the first attempt, but keep knocking, you will succeed at last.

Luckily you know what you want, and will not take no, for an answer. In your pursuit you will find the right persons to steer you in the right directions so that you can make the right choice.

It is important to remember  that you cannot reach the end from the middle, you  must go through the process. If you rush ahead you are bound to miss important steps. If you become impatient, you miss vital  details. You must be willing to move step by step, inch by inch to get to the expected end.  Yes, in your excitement you might want to see how the situation ends, but remember,  hurrying the process delays the results





You cannot afford to allow the challenges of fear, or the baggage of your past to kill your passion for success, neither can you allow what people think of you. 

Being passionate in fulfilling your goals are often referred to by others as being aggressive, or a demonstration of pride. I am here to tell you; shut your ears to gainsayers while in pursuit of your goals.

Your passion is that which motivates you to overcome the obstacles and the challenges that  associated success. Kick those obstacles and challenges to the curbside and pursue.



The greatest portrait of love is that of Jesus hanging on that old rugged Cross, over two years ago. Love that had creation veiled its face, too glorious to look on, too painful to behold. Such splendour, and yet such agony.

Love without pain has no beauty in itself. It is from the pain of loving, that true beauty is beheld. It is through those agonising moments that God was pleased with His Son; moments of separation, but not abandoned.

Until you are hurt, but not hurting, wounded in body, but not in spirit, despised, and rejected, but still able to forgive, can the beauty of love radiates from you. For the illumination of the light to be welcomed, the vessel of its concealment  has to be broken.


We have heard the old adapt; “A day-dreamer”. Yes, there are, people who dream their dreams, but they never live their dreams. They speak of becoming, but they do nothing to become the persons they dreamt of becoming.

Unfulfilled dreams are like feathers being blown about in the wind, no sense of destination, nor purpose. Fulfilled dreams, on the other hand, is God’s declaration of the plans He has for your life. long before we were concieved in our mother’s womb.

Your dream might not yet be fulfilled, but it shall come to pass at the appointed time. Joseph, the Old Testament character referred to in the Book of Genesis chapter 37, had to wait 13 years from the time he dreamt of becoming great to the time he achieved greatness. From the time of the dream to the time of it being fulfilled can be a long time.

You might have only a few more years to live your dreams, belief in yourself is the key to you living your dreams.


God has given power, and authority to every born again child of God to walk in victory, and take territories in advancing His Kingdom here on earth. However, many has allowed the adversary, the devil to derail their progress, by his lies.The victorious child of God understand the power of authority.

He, or she is reminded by the Apostle Paul thst  as Christ is, so are we in the world.  It is important to know, God has given you power to plunder hell, and to release those who has been held, bound with chains of unbelief;  their understanding being darkened to the revelations of  His truth.

It’s not knowing, but understanding the truth that makes one free.  Free to be victorious in battle, free to challenge the works of evil, but more than all, free to be all God  had created you to be in this present world.


The Christian Journey!

The Christian journey is one of joy and of heartaches, however, we are assured by the word of the Lord Jesus, He is with us always. The Psalmist David, in Psalm 23, reminds us of God’s Divine protection, even when walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

Nothing is more comforting than knowing God is leading us throughout life’s journey, through challenges that no human intervention can solve.

Words from the Book of Isaiah 43 v.2; “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest the fire, thou shall not be burned; neither shall the flames kindle upon thee.”